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Tree Surgery / Pruning

Tree Surgery / Pruning in Fife

Haircuts for trees and bushes

All trees and bushes need pruning occasionally. There are lots of reasons that a tree may need pruning, sometimes to stop them blocking light or to reduce their height due to encroach on buildings. Maybe you need the crown lifting in order to remove the lower branches that are catching people as they walk near the tree? Or you would simply like the branches thinned or the deadwood removed.

At Fife Gardening Services we have years of experience in tree surgery and pruning trees and bushes. We can also advise on which trees and bushes need pruning and when in the year to do it. It’s important it is done by experienced individuals or you may damage them. We can also fell large trees and remove stumps if, for instance, you feel a tree is dangerous or is likely to blow over in the wind. So if you need a large tree taken down then simply get in touch.

We also cater for businesses and other establishments such as:

Residential properties
Care homes
Public spaces

Just get in touch and let us give your trees and bushes a haircut!

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Fife Tree Surgery / Tree Pruning