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Stump Removal in Fife

Stumped about a stump?

There are lots of reasons why you would want to remove a stump. They take up valuable space in your garden that could be better used. Perhaps they are in the way of a proposed decking project or a patio (both of which we do by the way!). Or maybe the stump is just an eyesore and you want it gone!

In public spaces stumps can be hazardous. Children playing and running around can often slip whilst playing on a stump or they can be trip hazards. Coupled with hard roots and branches nearby they can cause some very nasty (and costly) injuries.

Stumps can be removed at any time following the felling of the tree (we can take a large tree down as well) and we are experts in getting them out. There are lots of different methods we have at our disposal to remove a stump and each job is different. So if you have a stump you would like removing and you live in Fife or the surrounding areas then get in touch.

We are able to remove stumps for:

Residential properties
Care homes
Public spaces

Why not get in touch? and be stumped no longer!

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