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Does your fence cause offense?

Fencing provides a number of advantages in your outdoor space. It provides an element of security, privacy and shelter. Also, depending on what type of fencing you chose, it can be quite decorative and be a really nice way of dividing a larger garden or space into logical sections. For instance, you might decide to fence off an area you use for entertaining or sitting out from the rest of the garden.

We have a team of very skilled fencers who can install fences and gates in any ground-type and at any location – whether that’s a church, school, residential property or royal estate! We can design and install any type of fencing including traditional close board fencing, overlap panel fencing, post and rail fencing, wooden palinsade fencing and many more.

Large fences are particularly good for privacy and to keep intruders out and we’ll make sure that, whatever your reasons for installing a fence, we give you a fence that you are delighted with.

We work with a range of clients such as:

Residential properties
Care homes
Public spaces

Just get in touch and we’ll install a beautiful fence around your outdoor area.

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