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Winter gritting

Snow and ice bring about more than just colder temperatures and having to defrost your car in the morning. They can make areas extremely dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians. Occupiers and owners of private land have a legal liability in the UK to ensure safe access to staff and visitors. On top of this, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, an employer has a “Duty of Care” to ensure, as is reasonably practicable, a safe working environment for employees and anyone visiting, or travelling within close vicinity, to your premises. This includes suppliers attending your site or members of the public passing your business.

Obviously, we are all at the mercy of the weather and you can only do your best to try and provide a safe environment for your employees, family members or members of the public. We provide a winter maintenance service that ensures that your workplace, home, car park, street, footpaths, or any other area is gritted to provide a much safer environment. This means less slips, trips and falls. Less time off work. Less chance of vehicular accidents. Less chance of litigation and expensive court cases and the cost and damage to reputation that they bring.

Where do you grit?

We provide a gritting service for residential customers but also we grit factories, care homes, shopping centres, schools, council offices, pathways, car parks, industrial estates, churches and any number of other areas. We have various vehicles and gritting solutions that can come to bear in order to provide you with quick and effective gritting around any area and in any conditions. We also provide a snow clearance service which complements our gritting service to become a full winter maintenance package.


Winter Maintenance Package

Our full winter maintenance package can provide you with gritting bins that we will refill and also we watch the weather to make sure that your area is gritted when needed. We are proactive with our gritting rather than being reactive, so, wherever possible, we try and ensure that you have grit down in readiness for the ice and snow. Our prices are very economical and our large fleet of vehicles and staff allow us to service all of Fife and surrounding areas. Why not just give us a call or get in touch through the website and you’ll never have to worry about gritting again.

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