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Snow Removal in Fife

Planning for snow

We all know the chaos that snow can bring to our lives. Snow can prevent us getting to work in the morning and it can also be a major headache for businesses. A bout of cold weather can cause freezing conditions which makes getting out and about very dangerous. As a nation, Scotland tend to be very under-prepared when the snow arrives.

Modern weather forecasting is very accurate and predicting snow has come on leaps and bounds over the last twenty years. Nowadays it is very rare for us to (especially in the UK) to suffer a bout of snow without at least some form of warning in the form of a yellow or red snow warning. This is where Fife Gardening Services can really help your home or your business.

Snow can be deadly

Although snow can be a lot of fun – especially if you have children and don’t have anywhere to be when the snow arrives – it can also signal disruption, injury and even death to some people. As the snow arrives, temperatures plummet and roads and paths begin to ice up. This causes treacherous conditions for people travelling on both road and foot. Every year there are literally thousands of people who are hospitalised because they have fallen in the area around their own home due to snow and ice.

Injuries such as broken wrists, hips and ankles are commonplace in these conditions. This can cause a lot of pain but can also mean time of work and lost wages for the unfortunate victim. Council offices, schools, commercial premises have to also be particularly careful. In the modern world of injury claims, if a business, school or council are deemed to be neglectful in their duty of care then this can lead to very costly litigation both in financial terms and in damage to reputation.

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We can clear your snow

Here at Fife Gardening Services we offer a very popular snow clearance service. We have an experienced team and the equipment necessary to tackle any size of job. We offer snow clearance services to hospitals, council offices, schools, businesses and for residential customers.

We can arrange to be there when snow is forecast and ensure that the area is kept cleared even in the worst weather. Why risk injury to yourself, your staff or your patrons when it is as simple as getting in touch with us below and arranging for us to clear your snow. The time to get in touch is before the snow arrives as, once the snow arrives, then generally we are very busy with other customers so please get in touch now if this is a service that you think would be of interest to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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