Considerations when adding a path

Things to consider

Where will it run?

Paths are there for a practical purpose. As well as being a nice feature of a garden, they serve to allow yourself, and visitors to your garden, to get to area without having to get your feet muddy or wet.


Do you want the path to go directly from point A to point B? Or would it look much better to have the path wind around another part of the garden? Quite often straight paths are a bit boring but adding a few bends to a path can really make it an interesting feature. Obviously, this can often cost more due to the extra materials.

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There are many different materials that we can make a path from. Whether it’s wood chips, decorative stones, pebbles, slabs. And within each of those materials there are literally hundreds of different styles. Different sizes, textures, shapes and colours to choose from.


You need to consider what goes well with your current garden (or the garden you are planning). Do you think coloured stones would harmonise with your flowers or your garden furniture? These kinds of considerations rae what we can help you with.

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Path Style 2 Fife
Path Style 3 Fife
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This is probably the most important part of creating any path is getting the right design. A path draws your eye in any outdoor space so it has to be, not only functional and hard-wearing, but also complement its surroundings. There are a myriad of path styles that are available and so many decisions to make when installing a path. Why not let us help you get it right?

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We had a path and patio installed by Fife Gardening Services and were delighted with the work they did. Would recommend.

Marcus K – Dunfermline

Just to say thank you for my path. It stops my feet getting wet when I bring in the washing! It’s the small things that help!

Julie B – Leven