4 tips for a healthy beautiful garden

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Where the shade, sun and wind are is essential when planning which plants to put where. All plants like differing amounts of sun, shade and weather (rain/wind) and so knowing and planning this in advance will really help your garden flourish.


Making sure you have an idea of where everything is going to go before you start buying anything and doing the work is vital. You don’t want to install decking or a patio and then find out later down the line that it would be better in a different location.


Make sure that certain species of plants, flowers and grasses can happily co-exist together. Some species live better with other species. For example putting certain flowers among vegetable beds can help keep away pests. This knowledge can really help you make a happier garden.


Once you have created your perfect garden you want to be able to navigate it easily. Think carefully about where you want paths, patios, decking, raised beds, railway sleepers located in order to provided easy access to all areas of your garden.

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